Have a look at the description on 1302 Cartmer Way.  Hurry before they fix it!

Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 4.51.59 PM

Hand scraped folks“… LOL!  Sometimes the agents gives the file to the front desk to load, so you can’t always blame them… but seeing as we’re usually reviewing the listings the day AFTER something launches, it’s a good idea to proof those listings as soon as you can.

Another excellent description on McLaughlin:  “House is also walk to Milton Hospital…” with a lovely misspelling on “Backsplkash

Copeland:  “Streets capes” (space in the wrong place?)

Baverstock:  “With over 1235 sqft…” (it’s EXACTLY 1235 sqft)

Also, the word “STUNNING” is used EIGHT times in this list.


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Leiterman is kind of interesting, considering the last five sales of that model have sold between $635k and $665k (which had all-brick and a finished basement), with the latest one yesterday selling for $645k in great shape.

I know!” exclaims the seller.  “Let’s do $689k because… why not?  There’s no logical reason we should be at this price…

And because this is 2016, watch as they sell for over asking.  Welcome to the Twilight Zone.

Nice to see that $1 million+ doesn’t require professional photos on Wettlaufer, either.  Contrast with the effort made in the broker’s comments on Grenke:  “Property is tenanted, but well cared for.  Can’t be staged as a 10+ as a rental, but will be empty and clean on closing.”  Folks… that’s how you do it.  Effort, even in a hot sellers’ market, matters.

Tonelli is breaking yesterday’s rules – they listed Wednesday, and they’re taking offers Friday.  In my opinion, that’s WAY too quick to get full exposure to the market.  It may not even reach some of the public sites by that time.

Last one is from the Oakville-Milton MLS… if you can get past one of the WORST front photos ever, then the rest of the home is actually not bad at all.





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