Yes I’m back for some commentary today! Including some facial hair that wasn’t around last time. I have a real love-hate relationship with my beard.

My wife? Pretty much 100% hate for the beard.

Interesting scenario today: Yates and Gastle are essentially the exact same floor plan, except Gastle is a corner, which adds about 100 square feet. $100,000 difference in price, and Yates has a pond behind, too. I’m on team Yates, although I’m rooting for both. 🙂

[UPDATE:  We lost an offer on Yates this morning, and it sold for WAY more than asking price.  Here’s my theme music for a loss.]

Which condo building feels like JAIL in Milton? I’ll burn my bridges (yet again) and tell you in today’s episode.

Plus, Howden should join the exclusive “700 Club” when offer night rolls around, especially with the larger yard, quiet street and lots of living space. Only a handful of single-garage homes have made that cut, so it’s a pretty esteemed list.

And if you don’t care what your house looks like from outside, there may be a home in today’s video for you to look at. Inside, it’s great. And you could probably even make the outside look better. Right now, it’s pretty strange looking.

Serafini will appear to an upscale bungalow shopper. And of course, you can always check out for a pretty rad bungalow with 2,900 square feet of space, and a walk-out basement suite in the heart of downtown Milton.

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