It’s a battle of the small fries on Rigo and Caldwell, and you’ll get a glimpse of how my mind works when I think of a battle between small foes.

The prices are very attractive for detached homes.  But be careful… these homes are so small, they don’t even have a powder room on the main floor!

Here’s the floor plan for that tiny model… it’s called a Plan 1.

Nice entry point condo on Nadalin for $269k… and it has a cute balcony facing the “quiet” side of the building. And if you want something larger, you can find an 1139 square foot one-bedroom condo that’s super sexy in the Ambassador building on Costigan.  Walls?  Who needs walls?

Huffman… step your game up! Four days and no photos? There’s no excuse, especially when it sounds like the home should show well.

Plus, ten days and then taking offers… good luck with that one.

I saw Caldwell and Clark in person on Sunday, so I’ll give you the inside scoop of what I think. One of the universal laws of real estate… homes look different in person than they do online. That’s for sure.

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