How many times have we shown the WRONG square footage on a listing?

Too many to count!

Well, it happened again today.

The home at 615 Scott low-balled by ten square feet.  The actual square footage for most of these models is 1865 square feet, but there’s a version with an optional suite on the main level.  That’s very handy for a small in-law area.  You can see it in the second last page of the document, bottom right corner of this PDF.  It says “Opt. Ground Floor Plan 1990 Sq.Ft.”  Get your magnifying glass, because it’s a tiny little drawing.

Burgess Gardens also missed by 18 square feet on the high side.  Close, but not exactly correct.  And the photos look like they were taken in an earthquake… not one of them is straight.  Even with all of that said, they will sell for more than asking quite easily.  This exact floor plan has crossed $500k a few times this year.

Same deal with Reichert… they might even cross $500k, which is a LOT more than they’re asking.  We just sold this one (which is the same model as Reichert) for $520k, which is one of the highest sales EVER for a Village Townhouse.

For today’s video, watch this little screen capture I did with the iPad about moving to a LARGER home.  Apologize for the quality of sound and the blips on screen, but there’s some REALLY good information in here.


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