The Pick of the Day ™ and the Pick of the Month ™ belong to 481 Pitfield. A four-bedroom townhouse for $309k? With modern finishes? Wow. I’m blown away.

You would be hard pressed to find a 3-bedroom at that price, never mind the extra fourth bedroom. It’s like getting a bedroom for free!

Lots of 3-storey townhouses in today’s list, and there are probably more on the market than we’re used to seeing. But the good ones always seem to sell quickly, and we have a LOVELY one coming out soon that I’ll tell YOU about first.

Very strong day for townhouses, with both of the Hobbs properties getting two big thumbs’ up. I really like the layout of the higher priced one, with higher ceilings, an open layout and greenspace behind.

And Fennamore is an interesting take on a Mattamy Quincy Corner model. I’ve driven past the home quite a few times going south on Scott and thought to myself, “That’s quite an interesting enclosed area”. At the price they’re asking, I think there’s a lot of value in some of the extra improvements they’ve made, especially in the room off the kitchen with the extensive built-in cabinets.

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