One of today’s homes has an additional area that reminds me of something from the movie “Saw”, and it totally creeps me out. I would need to hold someone’s hand every day when I go get my car.

The bathroom on Guelph Line also makes me nervous because I’m taller than my 6-year old.

Bonus points for the Yoda in Newell’s basement, and I’m a big fan of Boston Church. No photos of the property yet, but you can click the virtual tour link, or check the property link below to see if it’s been updated in real-time from the broker site.

Galbraith has lots of pride of ownership, but is the edgy design going to appeal to enough buyers? I’m all for making a statement, but you make it much harder to sell when you go right to the extreme edge of design. I’ll also show you where Mickey is located, and it’s a real plus/minus for some people. For the same price, I would rather buy Kelman.

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