One of my favourite authors once said, “Fit in, or stand out… you can’t do both.”  I’ve tried to apply that way of thinking to my business and my life.  I thought about it when I saw the first condo listing at the Maple Crossing building.  It’s a wonderful space.  Bold choice of wallpaper, but that could end up being the difference.  Over the years, I’ve seen that standing out from the rest of the listings in a good way can really pay off.  So let’s see what happens – I’m definitely rooting for it!

And if you’re a little handy, I’d suggest checking out the listing on Turner… it’s got all the makings of a wonderful 4-bedroom family home, but it needs some work.  The tiles are pretty bad.  Layout and size is terrific.  It needs help!

There’s a list of 17 today, including two custom builds in the rural area at the end of today’s episode.  Enjoy!