Two of today’s properties are ideal options for a more mature buyer looking to downsize and simplify – a 2-bed, 2-bath condo and a bungalow with a loft and a double garage, both in areas that typically attract a core group of people over the age of 50.  Funny, but when you work out the payments, the carrying cost per month is quite similar for both.

Plus, I go into a lot of detail about the pros and cons of bank sales, and what happens when you buy one.  You might be surprised when you hear what really happens.  The first listing is a “power of sale” for a really cheap price (I’m guessing it needs tons of work), so I’m sure it’s going to attract lots of attention.

And then we’ve got a super duper listing on Cousens, and a nice big estate lot on Parkway with a triple garage, walk-out basement with lots of updates and a beautiful kitchen.  Top quality stuff here today, folks!