I just got back from Hamilton, showing a few properties for a friend. Man, I was amazed at what you could get for less than HALF of the average price in Milton. It really makes you see how high the prices are within an hour of the Toronto area (including Milton).

You can find some great information about what you get in Milton in each price range by clicking here to download the Guide to Milton Prices and Neighbourhoods.

As an investor, I was drooling at being able to buy a home with basement apartment for $300-350k. Glad to share some findings if you are considering investing.

We have access to almost everything in Ontario, so if you’re looking outside of Milton… or if you’re just curious about what you can get for X amount in a certain area, then just let us know. We’re here to help, and it’s super easy to pull off a list of homes.

Anyway, today’s episode starts with a word of caution about “tied land” homes that you’ll find on some parts of Nadalin Heights and also at 6020 Derry. How much value are you really getting for $80-140/month? And how much more home could you buy, if you were to re-allocate those funds into a mortgage?

Not to mention… some of those units have expensive rental agreements for the hot water tank/furnace system. Be really careful and ask lots of questions.

Here’s something rare – the agent on Raftis actually low-balled the square footage. Most agents try to “round up” to the highest number.

“So it’s 1,722 square feet? Well, we can say it’s ‘almost 2,000’, right?”

I’ll give some staging tips, and I’ll give you a street name that I could never live on. I’m not responsible for what happens when you Google it.

I have the utmost respect for anybody who has contributed in a positive way to the community. In no way am I taking that away from anybody… we’re all grateful for the the sacrifices of those before us. That goes without question.  But if your last name shows up in the Urban Dictionary, prepare to face the harsh reality that my brain will latch onto that bone like a hungry dog and it won’t let go. 🙂

If you’re a fan of the Chappelle Show, we snapped a photo of my daughter with her allowance and added some sound at the end of today’s episode. 🙂

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