If you had something that you KNEW was in big demand… wouldn’t you want to explore your options a little bit before jumping at the first opportunity?  One of today’s homes probably would have benefitted from a few days exposure instead of listing and selling on the weekend.  But who knows… maybe things turned out really well.  I’ve had quite a few times when waiting another day or two to take offers on a townhouse has resulted in an extra $5k-10k, and I can’t think of any time when it’s backfired.

Anyway, the first listing at the Ambassador condo came out, and it’s a big daddy.  I’ll analyze the floor plan and point out a few flaws.  Plus, I’ll share something that ALWAYS happens with new construction condos… and why.  One of today’s homes raised their price by $15k when it wasn’t selling (yay!), I’ll show you one of my favourite Mattamy floor plans, and there’s a 4-bedroom detached home in Dorset Park in good shape for $439k.  Bonus:  you can get milk or snacks in less than 2 minutes around the corner at Mac’s.  There are 12 homes in the list today, enjoy!  And don’t forget to register for Thursday’s Buyer Class!

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