Well, here we are with another week.  I’m playing catch up for a few days – it’s actually Thursday night but I’m reviewing Monday’s properties.

At the speed this market moves, most of the good ones are already gone.  I have a vacation booked next week, and then I’m hoping to come back recharged and ready to tackle these episodes each day like I usually do.

In the meantime, I’ve been doing my thing like Isaac Hayes… get down to this groove while you check the properties!

Costigan looks like a good starter option.  Practically speaking, the ONLY thing you can buy for $259,000 these days is a condo apartment.  With 5% down plus another 2% for closing costs (lawyer, land transfer tax, etc.), this one probably carries for about $1500 a month (mortgage, condo fees, taxes) plus you would pay heat and hydro on top, which shouldn’t be more than $50 each.  That’s a little more expensive than rent, but 25 years later, you’re in much better shape.

Three on Duncan Lane in this list… two of them come with full unobstructed view of the train tracks from the front door.  Not my favourite location in town… the one that doesn’t is the largest one.

And Vanier might be the last chance for someone to buy a double garage in Bronte Meadows and Timberlea for less than $700k.  The renovated version of this one probably sells for $800k, so if you could fix it up for less than the price difference, you’re gold.

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