If I told you my friend was “irregular”, what would come to mind first?  Whatever it is, it’s probably not the most flattering.  One of today’s homes refers to their lot as irregular, and I’m wondering how that’s going to sit with some buyers.  Either way, it’s a beautiful house, and the “irregular” would appear to mean larger based on the photos.  🙂

It’s a smaller list today with only seven homes, but I like quite a few of them.  Davis may not be the prettiest, but it’s great value for a semi with a finished basement.  Meighen looks terrific and they should do well.  I’m definitely noticing that the move-in ready homes are selling far more quickly than those that need a little TLC.  I have some slides to explain that, maybe I will in tomorrow’s episode… hmmmm… 🙂  And finally, don’t forget to sign up for Saturday’s Buyer Class.


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