Welcome to the beginning of the school year! My girls are starting Senior Kindergarten and Grade 4… and I’m trying to treasure every day left in their childhood.

As far as the Fall real estate market goes, I’ll share some thoughts at the start of the video. It seems like townhouses are in a race for the bottom, but I don’t think that will last much longer.

The townhouse on Bundy is holding back on offers, but is it priced low enough to REALLY gain traction?  I think you can hurt yourself just as easily as you can help yourself by holding back on offers. Buyers know they have other options for around the same price… I just don’t see that strategy working well. If it was $499k, that’s a different story.

Speaking of other options, I’ll discuss comparison pricing on Farmstead and Beacham. It blows my mind that a smaller end-unit townhouse is asking MORE than a detached home.

I haven’t seen Anderson in person, but I can tell you the odds of the work being good is probably around 25%, based on my experience with other empty, renovated homes that are often “flips”.

It’s really been a tough year, hasn’t it? Between the wild swings of the real estate market, Mr. Trump, and now the news in Texas… I think people are just tired out.  But let’s move our attention to bigger and better things – this season is about shedding the old, and starting something new.

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