If the home on 14th Sideroad doesn’t make you want to channel your inner Robin Leach voice, then I don’t know what will. If there’s such a thing as a deal for $3 million, this would be it. And it’s very close to town, too.

Besides that, there are twin Quincy Corner models that are for sale, plus a well-priced 1200+ square foot condo in Greenlife West Side. Most buildings operate sustainably at about 40-70 cents per square foot for condo fees. At Greenlife? 14 cents, thanks to geothermal heating, ICF construction, solar panels, and some actual thought and care by a builder. Imagine that.

If you’re still not convinced, check out these 20 reasons to buy at Greenlife.

Speaking of which, I’m getting a lot of requests for builder openings… and I feel like I’m talking someone off the side of a building. Buying with a builder right now is one of the worst decisions I could possibly imagine. If you want to know why, check out the article we wrote a few months ago. Lots of risk involved.

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