When you see the photos on Jempson… does it look real to you? Those skies are pretty blue (need some theme music?)  The contrast is so intense that it makes my eyes burn. But the price is so good that I can overlook a little retina damage.

And why does $131/month in garbage and snow removal fees matter in a sale? Because it feels like you bought a home for $30,000 more, that’s why. More in the first few minutes of the video.

When homes sell as quickly as Macdonald, you need to get plugged into faster notifications. You can do that with the MarketWatch program using this link.  Just leave some information about your search, and we can get you entered into the same system we use to get notified about the newest home updates.

Yates gets the Pick of the Day for a great layout, nice finishes and a lovely pond behind.

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