This is the next “catch up” post while I’ve been gone with a stomach virus.

Shanks looks like a good deal for a 2000+ sq.ft. semi-detached, with a finished basement and well-chosen upgrades.  If you notice, the flooring looks different on all three levels, and that can sometimes feel like the flow is off.

Bessy is one of my favourite layouts (Mattamy “Huxley”), but I feel like they aimed too high on price.

Huntingford is another AWESOME floor plan (see here), and they left out a picture of the best part – the huge covered porch off the main living area.  It becomes an extension of your main floor, and you can hang out and BBQ even if it’s raining outside.  You see it really well in the link for the plans.

That’s all for today, and hopefully I’ll be back to normal soon!