There are nine properties in this list, including three on the same street!

One seems like a good deal, one seems a little high, and one may look familiar because it already SOLD a few months ago.

At the time, I thought the price was a little ambitious… but it looks like the buyer didn’t close the deal. Maybe it was a low appraisal, or maybe something else happened.

Either way, it’s happening out there. More than what you would ever read about in the media.

This is not a how-to video, nor is it legal advice in any way. But I thought I would bring up the topic and discuss it a little bit. What happens when a deal doesn’t close? It’s not as simple as just handing over a deposit, which is what most people think happens.

Also, a slice of humble pie is served to the “ambitiously worded” listing from last week… bringing a full price, firm offer is easier now that the price dropped by $25k. 🙂

Lastly, I have a habit of looking at properties and seeing how they can be cut up into more than one dwelling. I’ll show you what I mean on the property on Mockridge. Maybe it’s for extra rental income, but there’s a pretty large trend of grandparents moving in to take care of grandkids in a multi-generational setting, so I can see lots of benefits of at least having the OPPORTUNITY to have a future second suite in your home.

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