For buyers on a “shoestring” budget, you may want to check out the shoestring photo angles from 330 Racey Trail.  Maybe they are trying to appeal to dog or cat lovers… that actually crawl around on all fours like a dog or cat!

And if you feel like breathing the “fresh air of contemporary design”, you might want to check out the home on Paupst.  If you don’t know what that means, then join the club over here.  🙂

Taylor Court and Tremaine are both country homes that have tried unsuccessfully to sell in the past, but given that it’s 2017, why not give it a crack?  I still can’t get over the home on Bell School Line… listed for more than 600 days without selling.  Then, in a whirling dervish of 2017, it sells for $400,000 over asking price.

From the ORTIS list, I really like the location on Onley Lane.  When the forest in front of the house fills in through the spring, summer and fall, it’s just beautiful.

I’m working on a bunch of offers today and didn’t have a chance to film anything, but we do a segment called “Memory Monday”.  Here’s mine.

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