Good things happen when you hang in there.  The market’s not always easy, and there are times when you feel like quitting, but remember your goal.

Not just in real estate, but in anything that’s meaningful to you.  When the going gets tough, the tough get going.  We all need a reminder sometimes.

Today there are 13 listings, and we’ll talk about the difference in values between condos, and the different “tiers” of condos in town.

Then, I’ll give you both sides of the argument between listing for $1,000,000 and $999,999.  It may be a small distance away mathematically, but it’s a HUGE difference in exposure, marketing and impression to a buyer.  Also, how do you value rural or luxury real estate?  Land value + replacement cost of the building is a decent start.

Finally, why is a street address with an “8” a good thing?  And why do some people avoid listings with a “4”?  To someone of Chinese descent, this can be a big deal.  I wonder if Playfair will get a little boost from having an “88” street address?

Or maybe Eric Lindros or Patrick Kane want to buy a home in Milton…

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