Believe it or not, the phone rang in the middle of the episode.  Rather than edit it out like I usually do, I threw in a cameo that I’m sure you’ll enjoy.  Lots of guests today, and highlights from today’s episode include a hard-to-find townhouse with a private garage for under $250k, and an excellent 1200 sq.ft. home for under $350k.  Zimmerman is a great mix of an old Milton lot with a modern, open concept house – that’s a winning combo right there.

Finally, I’ll give you a terrific strategy when a home needs work so you avoid problems negotiating with a buyer, and can someone please tell me if 32 degrees Celsius is normal for a pool?  I feel like I could cook pasta in that.  Oh, and a quick note to the home on Clark.  You are LIKE a semi if we can agree that I am LIKE Brad Pitt.  Be proud of who you are!  Enjoy!

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