We start off today with a couple of Village-style townhouses.  These types of homes are usually joined in the back and sides, without any backyard.  There’s a small front yard and balcony.  They’re easy to maintain, freehold with no condo fees, and they remain a popular option for first-time buyers.

My pick from that group is Finney.  It has two key features that make it stand out compared to our recent sale (over asking) on Attenborough.

It’s interesting to look at the Price Report… last month, 66% of new townhouse listings ended up selling, whereas only 42% of the new detached listings sold.  The numbers are a little off in the video, because I was thinking of the September numbers.  But the point is… the lower, entry point of the market is 50% more active than the upper end.

Plus, there’s a bank sale on Cavanagh… and I’ll explain how they work and what you should be careful about.

Timmer is even BETTER in person, and they priced it well.  Ruhl is in a tough price range, but it’s a solid layout, and Sunny Mount Park is one of the prettiest looking parks in Milton.  I called it Ruhl Park in the video, which just goes to show you that we do this off the top of the head.  🙂

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