Hello folks.  Chuck here.  Just wanted to let you know that I think you are absolutely nuts if you choose to take your own photos.  Your photos always look like crap, they are generally too dark, off centre, without a wide-angle lens to show the whole room, and you believe a close up shot of the flower pot is a relevant photo to a buyer.  Please stop taking your own pictures and do things the right way.

It affects your bottom line.  And your clients’ bottom line.  When there are bad photos, the home will either not sell at all, or it will hang around longer than it needs to, and you will attract low-ball offers.  It’s impossible to generate the momentum to get close to an asking price when you aren’t attracting enough buyers.

So do us all a favour – spend $150, get a good photographer, and sit back and watch how much more enjoyable it is to have a property that is priced well, looks good and is marketed properly.  Imagine that – what a concept!

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