Second day in a row with double-digit properties. Now we’re talking!  The first nine are in the green button link, and the two others are here.

Today we’ll talk about Mattamy’s Plan 7 double garage layout… I’ve seen some that I like, and others I don’t. It’s the same floor plan, but for some reason it looks different everytime I see it.

Plus, the home 5500 Steeles is READY to sell. They’ve been on the market for a while, and this price is definitely looking attractive. I’ve been inside a few times and it’s lovely. The view is incredible, and it’s super close to town. You couldn’t buy this land and build this home for anywhere close to this price… you would be closer to $4 million easily.

And for a more specific, customized list of properties emailed instantly, in any area (not just Milton), visit this page and leave us some information.

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