I don’t know if this has ever happened before on MDH…

FOUR sellers, all with the same floor plan, in one day.

Diefenbaker, McFerran, Herman and Sellers.  All within $10,000 of each other.  All Hillsview models, built by Mattamy.

That’s a battle I’d like to avoid as a seller.  None of the streets is exceptionally different in appearance, and you almost become a commodity based on your finishes.

Oh, and Joyce Boulevard dropped their price by $50k.  Maybe they saw our review and their competition and realized that high-$800’s is a stretch.  $829k might still be a stretch, but the neighbourhood has been seeing a lot of sales in the $700’s lately.

And even though 7460 Appleby doesn’t have any photos, I would be surprised to see it get $2.2 million.  Especially after these new mortgage rules… the tumble-down effect in the higher price ranges is inevitable.

I played golf today and then had to head into Toronto.  No commentary video, since I’m sitting in a Tim Horton’s writing this.  🙂  We’ll be back tomorrow!  In the meantime, enjoy this song all about the FOUR horsemen of today’s show.

Final note:  insanely good deal at 625 Porter, and no mention of holding back on offers.  Hopefully it’s still around – here’s the link to the two Oakville-Milton MLS listings.

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