Whenever we sell a rural property, or a property that has some features beyond just the basic utility of a kitchen, bedrooms and living area, we do our best to showcase the best features.

It might be filming a video, or even flying a drone for the larger properties.  It could be meeting the buyer agents at the home to explain things.

We also believe in asking intelligent questions like, “What made you choose this home?”, “What are you going to miss the most?”, “What do you think buyers should know about the property?” to bring out the truth about a home, and we try to create a “theme” and imagine the target audience and who is most likely to buy the property.

It’s basic marketing theory for us, but many agents just put it on MLS and hope someone makes an offer.

So I wanted to share a video we did back in 2013 where we interviewed the owners of a property right on the brow of the Escarpment at 7715 Bell School Line.  I stood offscreen and asked questions, and what you experience is an eloquent explanation of the magic of living at this address, and some of the unique history of the property.

Our theme was a “Home for All Seasons” because of the close proximity to many local amenities like a ski hill, public beach, parks and the different views of the town throughout the year.

What happened?  Well, it took us a few months to sell it, but that can be normal.  The buyer wasn’t even looking in this area, but they caught a glimpse of the video and just HAD to come see it.

By telling a story, we opened up our audience to someone that may have never considered this property by just looking at the MLS listing.

Meanwhile, there were five other listings within a kilometre of this address, and they all took 4-5 times LONGER than our listing to sell.  We did it faster and better.

So the next time you have a unique property, think of the Charlton Advantage Team.  We’ll make sure the story is told the right way, to the right people.