Fun Stuff

We’re almost at the end of a tough year, so any excuse to find a bit of joy is always going to be a good idea.

Here are some ways to “light up your life” over the next few weeks.

In Milton, we have some wonderful light displays that are worth checking out.

First is the Magical Lights of Milton, located at 876 Willow Avenue.  With over 1,000 feet of extension cords, 9,600 lights and 23,000 pixels individually programmed, it’s an amazing show.

If you go there, I’m going to give you a hint.  Take the north entrance of Willow and drive around.  The south entrance closer to the house is much busier.

Also, they collect donations for the Milton Hospital, with more than $60,000 raised to date.

Second is the Ghantous house at 700 Trudeau Drive.

They’ve been doing this one for as long as I can remember.  Clark Griswold would be incredibly proud of this one.

While you’re there, take a turn on French Garden for a great example of a street that also takes Christmas lights very seriously.

If you’re visiting Georgetown, 14 Johnson Crescent, known as Lambert’s Lights is also a great place to see.  They even have the “Fra-gee-lay” lamp in the window!

Unfortunately one of our favourite holiday traditions, Light Up The Beach, presented by our dear friends the DeClute Real Estate Team, has been postponed this year due to COVID-19.

For 12 years, they have been putting up more than 20,000 feet of wired lights along the Boardwalk in Toronto.  The opening ceremonies (and the after party) have been a tradition in the Charlton household ever since we found out about it.

But they’ll definitely be back.  We can’t wait.

Final note:  If we’re being honest, we weren’t very impressed with the drive-thru show at Country Heritage Park.  But everyone starts somewhere… so we’re hoping for bigger and better in 2021!

But here are some other “drive-thru light shows” around the Toronto area that you might enjoy as well.

Did we miss anything?  Leave us a comment below!