Today we’re going to analyze the numbers on a bungalow with a basement apartment, listed at $399k.  Is it “cash flow positive” and a good investment, or just another in a long line of not-so-good options?

We’ve said it before and now seems like a great time to reiterate… Milton is a lovely place to live, but the cash-flow positive investment options for real estate are very poor compared to many other communities.

Basically, for a fixed amount of rent, say $1500 per month, that might cost you $400k in Milton, but there are cities and locations where you can have the same rental income but pay substantially less for the home.

Like many of my favourite real estate investors, I share the belief that the home must be “cash flow positive” from day one.  If you’d like more information about investing in real estate, contact us.  Another great resource is the Ontario Real Estate Investment Network – here’s their website.