Knowledge and Learning

On the weekend, I met with a lady and her husband, and they were on the fence about moving. They tried to sell privately last year, and have met with almost every popular agent in Milton.

I sat down with one sheet of paper and I asked them, “What’s important about selling your home to you?”

Her answer was to pay off bills. Then I asked her what was important about paying off bills… The next few boxes were filled with things like “take a vacation”, since it had been almost four years since they could afford a vacation.

Finally, the last box was filled in…

“Spend more time with family”

So I said to them, “In the beginning, we were talking about selling your home. Now we’re talking about what’s really important, and that’s spending time with your family.”

We looked at what her home was worth, and I told her it didn’t make sense to sell, it would be better to reduce her highest bills and concentrate on a vacation in the next 12 months.

I’ve always believed that when your values are clear, your decisions are easy.

She turned to me afterwards and said, “All the other agents just told us how great they were, and how they could get us the most money in the least amount of time.  You really took the time to listen.”

So my job isn’t just to sell a house.  It’s to help a client make the right choice.

Maybe for you it’s, “What’s important about losing weight to you?” …or perhaps, “What’s important about money to you?” … or anything else you can imagine.

“What’s important about _____ to you?” can really unlock the truth about any situation.

Then ask yourself what’s important about that answer?  What’s important about that?

See if you can make it to all seven levels.  You’ll find your decisions become much clearer.