Knowledge and Learning

A colleague from British Columbia, Albert Teichner, recently lost a battle with cancer.

A few months ago he wrote an article in a real estate magazine that was very touching, and it was called “A Realtor’s thoughts on marriage” to celebrate his 45th wedding anniversary.

We’re close to Valentine’s Day this year, so remember these wise words as you make your plans:

“An old Realtor like me sees in a marriage a few parallels to a building,” Albert wrote.

“Buildings sitting on a properly constructed concrete foundation, or carefully anchored on rock formations, remain solid regardless of high winds, bad weather, earthquakes or sundry upheavals.

“In a marriage, love is the foundation.  In order to endure, love must be diligently maintained and bonded throughout your married life by tenderness.  This can take many forms:  a thoughtful little unexpected compliment here or there, the courteous opening of a door, a quick encouraging smile or an understanding glance, an impulsive little kiss or a pat on the cheek, or an affectionate squeeze of the hand.

“All of these cost absolutely nothing and yet they will yield for your marriage an enormous amount of goodwill, contentment and reciprocal love.  Finally, tenderness will help you grow old together gracefully.”

Be the change you would like to see – if you want more love, then give more love and it will come back in mutiples.  Thanks for your words, Albert!  May you rest in peace.