Hands down best customer service I have EVER received from any company! Long before we even bought this home, (we ‘looked’ for like 3 years!) Chuck and his team were incredibly helpful, shared tons of important information and would randomly drop off little surprise gifts…..like a book I mentioned on a FB post I wanted to read.

They were so involved and attentive through our whole buying process and because Chuck listened so intently we literally got the EXACT home we had set out for, down to the floor plan! It was listed the morning we were about to put an offer on another home but he was on the ball!!!

And the service didn’t end there! After moving in we had a couple minor appliance and plumbing issues that THEY sent out people to fix!!! Honestly, I probably would still have a bucket under my sink if I had to arrange my own plumber to come in because there are so many other things to deal with during the moving process. And today the lovely Annette dropped us off a family pass to Halton Parks! I have been wanting to get my kids out hiking around the escarpment and now I will for sure! Thank you so sooo much to The Charlton Advantage Team, you all Rock!!!