About Rural Milton

We tend to think of the rural areas in two categories: northwest and southeast.

The rural homes north and west of Milton may or may not be in the Niagara Escarpment protected area, and they can range from estate subdivisions in Campbellville and Brookville to acreage and “country” style living.  From half-acre lots to more than 200 acres, you’ll find some of the greatest treasures in Milton when you visit this area, including the homes of sports icons and celebrities.

South and east are filled with redevelopment potential as Milton’s next phases of building continue towards Oakville and Mississauga in the next 20 years. Quite a few of these lands have already been purchased by larger developers.

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You Should Also Know

Buying in the rural area can be filled with traps for non-local and urban agents. Well flow and recovery, septic issues, wiring, plumbing, oil & propane heat, backup generators, quarries, Conservation, Niagara Escarpment Commission and examining the Official Plan & development are just some of the issues you'll encounter when purchasing rural properties. Experience matters when working in this territory.

The Neighbours

Neighbours? What neighbours? Isn’t that why you move to the country… to get away from them?

Perfect For

More land. You won’t find anything much less than half an acre once you cross into the rural areas.

The Lifestyle

Peace and quiet. Rolling up your sleeves and fixing stuff. Seeing deer and wildlife in your backyard. Growing your own vegetables.

Not So Great For

Amenities. If you forget the milk, you may need to devote an hour or more to run back and get it. Also, the bugs can get bad in the warmer months depending on your location.

The Market

Don’t expect much of a discount compared to being in town. The larger your property, the more of an investment you’ll make. Homes have sold for $5-million-plus in some cases.

You'll Fall In Love With

Seeing horses on the way home and stars in the sky when it gets dark.