If you only allowed showings on your home between 4-6 pm on Thursdays, do you think you might be losing a few opportunities?  🙂  Me too.  It takes longer to watch the new Batman movie!  Yeesh… (by the way, I haven’t seen it yet – is it a good movie?)  But unfortunately the owners don’t have a choice when tenants are in the house – we’ll talk about some landlord/tenant rules today.

Plus, how far does $20k get you in a condo renovation?  And we’ll also talk about why I think it may be a better option to buy a 2500 sq.ft. house instead of a 2800 sq.ft. house.  Also, quite a few bigger lots in today’s episode… which is always nice to see.

And finally, I just read a great article by lawyer extraordinaire Mark Weisleder explaining how tax is assessed on an investment property – is it considered capital gains, or income?  The CRA looks at five very important things.

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