Welcome back from the long weekend!  From the haze of turkey hangover comes today’s episode!

There are two homes on today’s list that have parquet floors.  They definitely look better in a dark stain.  If you replace them, you’re looking at about $5 per square foot for hardwood, plus maybe $2 psf to install.  We’ve also had great success with a company called Mr. Sandless, and they can treat a worn or wrong-coloured floor.  Check out their site here.  You might be 25-50% of the cost of full replacement.

And an AMAZING deal on a detached home on Yates. You don’t see a detached home for that price come up that often, especially with a finished basement. We’ll also talk about what Ontario has told the Halton Region and what constitutes a legal vs. illegal rental unit in Milton.

You can also watch my cursor go crazy on the house on Hemstreet.  Simple sells.  Finally, if you’d like a Pin Point Price Analysis, which will show you exactly what your home is worth in today’s market (and we’ll even guarantee to sell it on your timeline), then just give us a call at 905-693-9346.