If you have a desire for greenspace (or even an outdoor pond), then today’s episode is for you.

Whether it’s a townhouse, semi-detached, single garage or double garage luxury… almost all of today’s best listings share one thing in common: great views from the yard or balcony.

You can change kitchens or bathrooms or flooring or paint, but it’s very difficult to remove your surroundings once they’re in place. Give me a room with a view anyday.

Also, with six out of 29 homes for sale at the same time in a very nice rural estate subdivision, the competition is fierce, with only a handful of buyers looking. Is there more going on than meets the eye, or is it just a case of similar life stages requiring a move? More research needed on that one.

Oh, and I mentioned a home that’s coming out at the beginning of the video… here’s the floor plan.  Let me know if you want a sneak peek.

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