Today there’s a short list of properties… in fact, one of the shortest lists since Christmas with only five homes.  A common thread in most of those homes is the size of the property, and more specifically the width of the property.  In their first few years in Milton, Mattamy really pioneered this idea of a “WideLot” home… and lately they’ve moved away from the formula, but at the time it was brilliant (and still is).  Less homes on the street gave a nice impression.  As an example, try driving on Dills and then drive on Watson Terrace… you can tell the difference.  Even try it on Google Maps.  And it also allowed the floor plan to open up.  Right away, you can fit more stuff in the front half of the home, whereas with a long and narrow home, all the fun happens after the garage.  With double garage homes on 36-foot lots, since 20-feet is the garage, and then there’s a few feet on either side of the home, it only leaves you 8-10 feet to fit a front hall closet, a powder room, and a staircase up and down.  In those types of properties, it’s harder to find separate dining rooms.  You also see a lot more second floor family rooms, because you gain an extra 400 square feet above the garage that you didn’t have in the L-shape design on the main floor.

Finally, here’s another topic we discuss in this episode:  How honest are you about the fact that you bought another home?  Do you reveal it or not?  What do YOU think?

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