In today’s video, I’m going to talk about the chain of events that happen when a home is listed.  Most people think the general public gets immediate access as soon as a home is listed on a site like, but it’s quite common to see a 1-3 day delay before it appears.  I’ll show you a way to plug into better property updates in the video, or you can go to and leave some information and your phone number if you’d like to get more specific, faster updates about homes matching your criteria.

Plus, there’s a solid deal on a condo townhouse, which is probably the least expensive way to get a 3-bedroom home with a yard (even with condo fees included), and there’s a stinger of a deal on a detached home on McKay at $499k, and it’s in the very desirable Beaty neighbourhood.  Finally, we have a brief discussion on the pros and cons of solar panels – because they’re so new, there’s still much more research to do before we can figure out if it’s a value-enhancer or a value-detractor.

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