It’s a quiet week out there in real estate.  Maybe everybody is afraid of Freddy… just like today’s music video.

This lack of listings is like having a “Nightmare on My Street”.  Hope it picks up next week.  Yawwwn… (mental note… don’t fall asleep!).

Pick of the day is 582 Yates.  No front shot, but if you Google map it, you’ll see that it’s a Pine Hurst model, just over 1800 square feet with a finished basement.  The kitchen doesn’t have the dark/light colour scheme that seems to be so popular, but there’s a LOT of value here.  It backs onto the school, which can have pros and cons:  Quiet evenings and weekends, but a little noisier during the day.  More specifically, the backyard faces the school parking lot, so the impression isn’t as good as having a field/parkland behind.

Farmstead is a Plan 4, 2051 square feet.  All the right finishes, including 9-foot ceilings, which make a huge difference in that model.

But right around the corner, 319 Ruhl will be dropping their price to $629,900 in the next day or two… which would catapult them below Farmstead.  Also worth nothing… Ruhl is about 150 square feet larger.  It will be a good head-to-head battle.

Have a great Halloween weekend!  And be sure to stop by the Milton Haunted House at 1086 Meighen Way on Saturday!  Any donations go towards Kidney Disease research.  The back story from the Garber family is here.


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