If you’re looking for a townhouse, then today’s list is FULL of delightful opportunities. But they tend to sell quickly, so you gotta jump on them quick if you find something good.

If you get a listing agent and/or a seller that doesn’t know their stuff, or one who is motivated to get a deal done quickly, you can win big. A few months ago we found a private seller who sold their home to our client for $46,000 less than the same model in similar condition sold for in the previous 24 hours.

That doesn’t happen everyday… but luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.

The Drury Park bungalow on Poplar is one of the only options available for a mature homebuyer who wants “one floor living” but doesn’t want (a) a big lot or (b) a condo.

Powadiuk says it has $63K in upgrades … but does that mean they’ll get it back with the sale price? And what’s the one thing that most buyers want when their budget is over $900k these days? I’ll share that plus more in today’s episode.

Thanks for watching!  Oh and here’s the link to the Willingdon listing.


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