Sorry… you know I’m ready to pounce on the next badly staged home out there.  All of them have either been good, or so-so for the past few days.  It’s not my fault that people are doing a decent job getting their homes ready for sale.  🙂

Many of the Chuck picks have already sold, and there was even one on Easterbrook that didn’t last 12 hours.  So the best thing you can do is let me know what you’re interested in… and I can keep my eyes open.  Or even set up my computer to update you when something that matches what you’re looking for comes out.

After all, we’re all friends here.  By the way, I just wanted to thank you for being a subscriber and taking time out of your busy schedule to check the site and video out.  We built this site with you in mind, and it’s an honour to provide you with the information.

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