Which set of stats do you listen to when you buy and sell property?

Do you pay more attention to the homes that got a premium price (probably more than their fair share), or the other set of information, far more robust, that indicates a down-to-earth, more competitive price?

We all know that sellers want to get the most money from the sale, and buyers want the best deal.  But ultimately, it’s about that magic range where it’s a “win-win” for both.  Good negotiating comes into play when it’s your turn to defend and justify the price you’ve offered to the other party.  And what most people forget about are the “terms” – the things like closing dates, conditions, and the other parts of the offer besides the price that can swing the odds in your favour.

And if your agent is good enough at making someone believe that your price is fair, and if your home looks great, and if there’s not a lot of competition, you may find yourself on the side that just got more than a hundred bucks for their $100 dollar bill.  🙂

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