If you’re having troubles finding Cartmar on Google Maps, try Cartmer.  In all seriousness, misspelling a street name, or not checking where the MLS maps a property can cause someone to lose major traffic.

Offers on Trudeau are being reviewed tomorrow night, which is probably too short to get a true push out to the market.  Most people in Toronto (the capital city of multiple offers) believe that 4-6 days is the ideal timeframe.  List on Wednesday, blast open houses on the weekend to get everyone in, and take offers Monday or Tuesday night.  There’s definitely a formula to it.

By the way, clients often ask us the best day to list.  I don’t like listing homes on the weekend, because our studies on web traffic indicate that less people check their email on weekends, including agents, so they may not even see it until Monday anyway.  Earlier in the week ensures your property reaches the public sites by mid-week, and sometimes a Thursday listing can create a nice push into the weekend.  It can even depend on when the Agents Open Houses are taking place – in Milton, the urban homes take place in two different time slots on Tuesdays, and the rural properties are on Thursdays.

Yates is an Aspen model… and at 1887 square feet, it’s a lot smaller than many homes around the $700k range.  The greenspace and basement definitely add value, but if I took $50k off the price for those two features, it puts the home at just under $650k.  Landscaping, the deck, the granite counters… the math could make sense based on recent sales of a model that’s almost the same size (“The Quincy Corner”).

I was at a seminar today, and I will be at different events this week… we’ll do our best to get the videos out on time.  In the meantime, check out today’s theme song by the 80’s band, The Cure.  Since when did men wearing makeup in music videos stop being cool?

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