Sometimes the best things about a home are not necessarily the obvious ones… they’re the little things.

For example, how did they find a star that fits so perfectly into the round cover by the front door on Baverstock?  Also, the privacy in this home could be better than most – there’s a lattice wall on the neighbours’ deck, and the houses directly behind are on an angle and further away… so there’s nobody directly behind the home.  I like this one, although some buyers may not like the fact that there’s only one full washroom upstairs.

I could see Britannia looking a lot like the Britannia on the west end of Mississauga, with this house eventually being a chiropractic office, or a lawyer or an accountant.  Maybe if things go well, it might even be as desirable as some of those Port Credit homes along Hurontario south of the QEW.

And the last home on Stewart is on one of the nicest looking streets in town, with very low traffic, right by the Beaty library and just down the street from Kielberger high school.

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