Be sure to sign up for Saturday’s Buyer Class.  I’ll tell you more in today’s video, and here’s the link to register.

Remember last week when I commented on the activity during a long weekend? Well, I definitely got around. We helped negotiate a great deal for my neighbours’ house, I lost a multiple offer, and I managed to show a bunch of properties. Saw the one on Merritt, and I’ll give you some insider comments that may not be noticeable from photos.

Today I’m a little tired, so I worked half a day and then went to see the Avengers movie… finally! I’m a huge superhero/comic fan, and it was well worth the wait.

Highlights of today’s list include a hard to find price point under $300k on Ontario, or you can spend a little more and get some upgrades on Laurier. If you like pizza, both are within walking distance of a couple of pizza places. 🙂

Fowles dropped their price, and I think the view is terrific. Bussel got a quick offer, and I’ll explain why. Even though it’s not extremely large, it had some other very desirable features.

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