Today is a catch-up day. I had a heart-crushing defeat on an offer – one of the worst of my career. I couldn’t bring myself to hop on the computer to post.

Without seeing the photos on Scott, I know for a fact that it should sell for a lot more than the list price.  It also has the bonus feature of a main floor/ground level small in-law suite with a washroom. Could be great for an older relative or maybe a student or a small business. Check the zoning and do your homework before you buy anything different than a “single family” use.

Today there’s a good mix of new and old, townhouses and larger houses. With a few REALLY great looking homes mixed in on Serafini and Whaley.

And if you get that townhouse on Bronte for a decent price, you’ll be thanking yourself over and over again. Believe it or not, these prices will get higher than you see today.

Prepared, educated buyers are the ones playing this game smart, and so you need to have great teamwork between you and your agent to get it RIGHT.

Whaley and Bronte are in this link.

Be careful with ANY empty land nearby. And even if there’s a building, it could change at any time with a re-zoning application.  Bookmark this link to see the current status of all development in town.