The first floor condo on Costigan is back… and I feel bad because the floor plan is just awful.  But if you look at the floor plan on paper, it seems fine.

The bedrooms are a nice size, there’s a decent-sized kitchen.  But the place where the living room is… it’s awful.  They did the best they could, but it’s just not set up well at all.  It’s a long, narrow space… without a really good place to put a television AND couch in harmony.  Hard to explain, but easy to point out in person.

EVERY time I’ve seen this floor plan list, it takes a LONG time to sell.

Also, a QR code (“quick response” code) is spotted on Briar Crescent – see photo 20 of 20!  Have a look at today’s video… it reminds me of getting a QR code BY EMAIL!  But you’ve gotta see Scott talk about it.  Priceless!

His belief is that QR codes used incorrectly kill kittens.  And we don’t want THAT, do we?  We love QR codes, and we use them properly… but they never seemed to catch on in North America.

Gervais, Megson, Hood – all look like very good value.  Along with Briar, they are ALL holding back on offers.  Costigan is the only one that’s taking offers anytime.

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