Hard to believe we’ve crossed that thousand video mark.  If you’ve been with us since February 2010 (aka the hatching), let me know.  Maybe we’ll make you a button to wear on your coat.  🙂
In today’s video, there is a completely, utterly gorgeous home on Donnelly.  And priced well too.  Have a look… I’m not exaggerating.
I’ll also explain the difference between the “urban”, in-town market versus the “country” rural market.  There’s something about sales in the country that every home owner (and buyer) should consider.  And the trend of horrible picturitis continues … a sideways shot, and absolutely no shots of the most important room in the house on Joyce.  They’re holding back on offers, but they’ll need to improve their photo library to get some attention.
See you tomorrow … for episode one thousand and two 🙂

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