In all my time doing Milton Daily Homes, I am absolutely sure that we have never seen a red bathtub. We have seen beds shaped like the Batmobile, and basements that look like Irish Pubs, but never a red bathtub. The artistic, funky bungalow on Main Street in Campbellville has one… and it’s definitely worth a look.

The two-bedroom condoon the main floor at Millside is in the right price range, and it’s WAY less expensive than the higher floors. There’s a remarkable difference in pricing the further up you go in that building, sometimes by as much as $100k.

And there’s another detached home at an attractive sub-$500k price point on Waldie. Hopefully the drive-by traffic will go down a bit now that Trudeau is open. And if the recent sale on Watson is any indication, I’m sure that Lancaster will do very well on offer night.

I took most of the day off today, and it’s now time to introduce my kids to the Star Wars movies, starting with Episode IV. I can’t wait!

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