There’s a thirst right now for four-bedroom double garage homes in Old Milton, and today Moorelands seems to check all of the boxes. I expect offer night on the 18th to be busy. Another good one at the end on Rowe that’s also taking offers on the same night could be an alternative… with a very upgraded home on an “Older Milton”-sized lot.

Check out the strip of land on Third Line if you’re looking for a great location for a slip and slide or the World Horseshoe Throwing Federation. Just remember to add the cost of adding services to the land.

Satok is one of my favourites in the list, but do you think it’s missing something on the outside? And as if the heavens answered my call, the home on Appleby proves the point I made yesterday about Steeles. We had a problem uploading the video yesterday, so you get a double shot today!

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