Not sure when it makes sense to RAISE your asking price by almost $300,000, but we have one today. It may be a mistake, but if it’s not, it’s completely baffling.

One of the trickiest situations in real estate is selling a home or condo with a Tenant still living there. Do you try to sell it with minimal control of the impression left, or do you wait until it’s vacant, fix it up and then try to get more money? We’ll discuss in today’s episode. I’ve seen it work both ways.

And remember to look at what the condo fees include, instead of just the number. A higher fee MAY actually be better value when you look at the total package.

Oh, and we have a home that could appear to a target audience just based on the numbers in their address. Not to mention, I think it’s a pretty good choice regardless of the street number.

Hinchey has a great trifecta of greenspace, deep lot, and walk-out basement that will make yard lovers pay attention (even though the photos could be better). And the last listing of the episode is a townhouse on Bronte with improvements for under $300k, which is a rare commodity at a very in-demand price point.

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