Isn’t it great when the description stands on its own?  Even though pictures are soooo important to your listing, the words that describe the home must be good enough to create attention and interest.  Unfortunately not many agents take the time and effort to carefully interview their clients and find out what makes the home special.  What drew you to the home when you bought it?  What do you think buyers should know?  What are some words to describe living here?  Those are the types of questions we ask to really come up with the best language to sell the home.

Anyway, a few of today’s listings are kind of blah, but some real standouts on Rolph and our new listing on Coulson.  What a great home – it’s got a double garage, finished basement, renovated kitchen, and a lovely private lot with an inground pool.  That’s called the “wish list” for most people.  Check it out!

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